This week our She Bends Artist that we are happy to highlight is none other than Dani Bonnet. Dani has been in the neon industry for 5 years now, but her roots go much deeper than that.


Dani’s grandparents ran a neon shop in Las Vegas that she grew up around. Her grandparents were a huge influence on her getting into the neon business herself, carrying on the family legacy. She even has some of their old neon tools in her shop that they sent her.

“My favorite thing about neon is the unlimited possibilities of creation that are right before your hands,” Dani said. “Everything takes so much work and time to make, so the result of anything you can create really leaves a statement with the viewer. I really love the power behind that.”


Dani describes her style as focusing on interactive pieces and artwork with a lot of visual symbolism taking a step away from the traditional text-based signs and art styles.

Pictured below is her favorite piece, the Electric American Eagle, created for the Vans 2021 creator campaign.

“It was a challenge, but I find the end result to be very visually stunning.”

She Bends, a women’s neon group or what Dani describes as her “girl gang”, has been a great source of fellowship and inspiration in the industry.  

“It’s great to have a girl gang that sticks up for you when other members of the community are putting you down/being unjust/immoral,” Dani said. “We all have each other’s backs and that’s a breath of fresh air in this world.”

Dani is an Abitech customer, one that Abitech has loved supporting over the years.

“I love their rare glass selection. It’s pretty much the only place these days to get a lot of the colors on the spectrum in Los Angeles. I love the quality of supplies I can get at Abitech that I can’t find anywhere else.”

With artists like Dani, we hope neon can be around forever and ever, evolving over time in new art forms but always harnessing that same glow.

“I hope to one day be a provider of lessons so that the craft never dies and there are always creators making magical works from neon.”


Show your support, and follow Dani on Instagram @dani_bonnet

Check out her show at the Brea Gallery in Brea until September 10.


Thank you to all who continue to support neon! Join us in a few weeks for our next She Bends neon artist.

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